Opelle Woman - Alexis Venerus

As one our first employees and an integral member of the Opelle team, Alexis added a special dose of sparkle to the studio for over 3 years. She started with us while in her 2nd year at Ryerson and offered a youthful and honest element to the design process and the studio at large. Thanks to Alexis, Silver Lame is an Opelle staple and many of our daily processes are owed in part to her ingenuity.

An artist who is constantly pushing her own boundaries in everything she does, Alexis’s art combines performance, sculpture, painting, leatherwork, fashion and traditional techniques. Her unique vision of the world, love for beauty and drive to live in the present is evident in everything she does.

We met with Alexis at her current home/studio where she showed us how she uses her Opelle bags in her everyday life. As Opelle Alumni she has an impressive collection of Opelle bags, many of which are unique to her. Her current favorite is the Roberta, required in two sizes the Tote & the Mini (in silver lame)

Alexis is co-Creative Director & founder of the Toronto design label Born Solo Die Solo.