Do You believe in Alchemy?

We certainly do; 'The seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination' These are the elements we credit with making every Opelle handbag special beyond the simple sum of its parts


The Atelier works in small batches paced to demand, typically four bags at a time. Leathers are ethically sourced and produced, always a by-product of the food
industry. Our suppliers have become trusted friends after a decade of partnership.


Opelle lauds the beauty that arises only from having the confidence to listen to our inner voice. When we heed our instincts, it makes for the most interesting stories, the most authentic people, and the most wonderful art.


It is a designer’s responsibility to create something elemental. It must stand the test of time, not just with regards to quality, but as a lasting impression of a creative point of view

Our Shrunken Lamb is exclusive, direct from New Zealand
Paper patterns, made by hand
No solvents. No adhesives. No Plastics. No Visible Logos
Lead-free brass hardware made by a 4 generation family in Mass
Zippers crafted in Switzerland by the masters at Riri
Leathers are hand cut and matched to highlight the natural grain
Liria Duffle - OPELLE bag opelle handbag opellecreative
Beautiful and durable cotton twill lining from a Canadian Mill
Every piece is unique, complete with an authentication number
Perfect drape that only gets better with time